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President's Blog

Eleazar Blog

RSS God is our help

  • Let Your Light Shine! November 19, 2015
    My youngest daughter has been interning at Disney World.  What a great place to intern!  Walt Disney’s vision was to create a place where children and parents could have fun together.  He dreamed of a “magical park” with great detail and attractions, a place that catches your eye and your imagination.   It is very […]
  • A Reunion! August 4, 2015
    It was great to be home this past weekend, I mean home where I grew up…Tucumcari, New Mexico.  It was the annual Rattler Reunion, and almost every year I travel back to New Mexico just like so many other classmates to catch up and see how age is taking affect.  The Rattler Reunion is a […]
  • How is your sight? July 21, 2015
    1 Corinthians 13:12 Now we see a dim reflection, as if we were looking into a mirror, but then we shall see clearly. I have worn glasses or contacts since I was nine years old.  My vision has always been bad or blurry.  The optometrist said I was near-sighted.  When I take my glasses off, […]
  • Be still… June 5, 2015
    I just returned from a  brief time at Christ in the Desert Monastery, a Benedictine Monastery in northern New Mexico.  I have traveled to this Monastery six times, during which I was seeking peace, quiet, and time with God.  Each and every time I have visited, it has turned out to be a time of […]

Faculty Blog

RSS BUA Faculty Blog

  • On Words: The Powerful and Phenomenal November 20, 2015
    By Sophia Botello La versión en español está disponible al final de este documento. I love words.  I always have.  Strangely, I get this love of words from my father.  It’s strange because he is a blue-collar Mexican-American, working in the Texas oil industry his entire adult life.  He is not the type of person […]

The Baptist Standard: President's Weekly Column


René Maciel: I am thankful!

November 23, 2015

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Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical / Theological Studies


The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical/Theological Studies program provides training for ministry leadership. Through biblical, theological, cross-cultural, and general education studies, students are equipped for a wide variety of church, missions-related, and community-based leadership positions… Read more >>

Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership


The Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership consists of general business courses in the areas of organizational and international leadership development designed within a Christian ministry framework… Read more >>

Bachelor of Arts in Music


Students who enroll in the Bachelor of Arts in Music at Baptist University of the Américas are expected to develop competencies that are intrinsically related to the overall mission of the University…. Read more >>

Bachelor of Arts in Human Behavior


The Bachelor of Arts in Human Behavior entails general courses in the areas of psychology, sociology, and social work designed within a Christian ministry framework. Students would acquire the basic knowledge in the psychological and social sciences that prepare for careers in the helping professions such as chaplaincy, counseling, and social work… Read more >>

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language & Literature


The Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language & Literature program allows the University to form cross-cultural Christian leaders who will be able to function effectively in situations where command of the Spanish language is required, and where the individual needs to have a good understanding of the history and culture of the different Hispanic people groups and cultures… Read more >>

Associate of Arts in Cross-Cultural Studies


The Associate of Arts in Cross-Cultural Studies provides the benefits of a biblical higher education for those students who feel a call to vocational ministry but may wish to pursue a bi-professional career in field other than the ones offered at Baptist University of the Americas. These students may transfer some of these credits to another college or university to pursue a degree in a field other than religion… Read more >>

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