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  • BGCT President: Together April 7, 2016
    Baptist news, commentary on faith and culture, articles about ministry and missions. Trusted source since 1888. Covering Texas Baptists, BGCT, CBF, SBC and more. Source: BGCT President: Together
  • BGCT president: Lead me to the cross March 28, 2016
    May we set our eyes and hearts to Jerusalem—the cross—and be amazed as it draws and calls us to be faithful. Source: BGCT president: Lead me to the cross

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  • Classroom aflame: Encountering the Great I Am in students April 22, 2016
    By Craig Bird La version en español está disponible al final de este documento. A solitary burning bush surrounded by desert tends to get noticed. Especially by lonely shepherds weary of looking at nothing but sheep. Hundreds of flaming shrubs not so much. Especially in a world aswarm with distractions. But a miracle is no […]
  • Student Use of Technology: Help or Hindrance March 16, 2016
    By Kyle Ashley  La versión en español está disponible al final de este documento. We live in the age of information revolution, marked by technology innovation, and human capital surpassing physical capital in perceived value. This age is also dominated by a growing population of millennials, born between 1982 and the early 2000’s. That same […]

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