Campus Security

Emergency Phone Number 210.364.9615

Campus Safety and Law Enforcement

The University strives to provide a safe learning environ­ment. The University does not operate its own campus police department. The University works closely with local police. The University’s security force does not have arrest powers, but alerts the local police and University personnel of activity that may require attention. Cooper­a­tion with campus security is expected at all times. Security awareness and crime prevention are encouraged in orien­ta­tion programs and residence hall meetings.

Reporting Crimes and Emergencies

Criminal acts and emergencies are reported to the Director of Finance and to the Director of Enrollment Management & Student Services, Campus Security, and, as necessary, to 9-1-1 for emergency response. Staff and administrators will take appropriate action.

Access to Facilities

All students and employees have access to academic, recreational, and administrative facilities on campus. Access to residence halls is limited to resident students and their guests. Access by University employees is on an “as needed” basis. Safety-related concerns should be reported to the Director of Enrollment Management & Student Services or the Business Office.

Gated Campuses

Students enjoy a sense of security with controlled access within fenced and gated campuses. On the main campus, students enjoy sports fields, adequate parking, student center, and easy access to administrative and instructor offices, chapel, library, bookstore, and classrooms. At Piper Village, the student housing complex, students have access to a Community Club House for parties and meetings. The use of the Club House for special events must be scheduled in the Business Office.


The University does not have a formally established curfew for students. For safety reasons, the gates on the main campus will be locked at midnight on a daily basis. For students living at Piper Village, on the Baugh Family Campus, the University requires that they obey visiting hours (6:00– 10:00 p.m.), and establishes a noise curfew. The noise level of all stereo equipment, musical instruments, and TVs must be restricted by 11:00 p.m. daily. Restricted noise levels mean individualized use for stereo equipment and musical instruments, and TV usage that would not disturb sleep or studying activities in the apartments. Lights may remain on if quiet is maintained. Non-compliance is subject to disciplinary action.

Campus Safety and Security Report

Campus Safety and Security Report 2013