Mr. Stephen K. Reeves

Stephen Reeves serves as the associate coordinator of partnerships and advocacy for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Based in Decatur, GA the CBF consists of individual supporters, approximately 1,800 affiliated congregations, 18 state and regional fellowships, and numerous ministry partners seeking to be the presence of Christ. Reeves provides leadership for the first coordinated public advocacy efforts from the CBF national offices. In addition, he oversees CBF’s relationships with outside ministry and missions partners, and the chaplaincy and pastoral counseling division. Prior to joining CBF in October 2013, he served as Director of Public Policy and as Legislative Counsel for the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission (CLC) where he directed the work of the Citizenship and Public Policy office in Austin. He is a native of Austin, Texas, a member of the State Bar of Texas, a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, and the Texas Tech University School of Law. Before joining the CLC, he served as Staff Attorney for the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty in Washington, D.C.

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