President’s Welcome

It used to be that “missions” meant traveling overseas to share Jesus’ powerful redemption story with people in different cultures. Today those different cultures often live right next door!

How can those whose lives have been touched and shaped by God’s love in Jesus Christ make an impact on both the neighbors across the street and around the world? And how can we build a bridge across the cultural divides that often exist in our own communities?

At Baptist University of the Américas, we are forming cross-cultural Christian leaders ready to serve God in this multicultural context. While Hispanic cultural issues have risen to prominence in recent years, BUA operates from a foundation of 60 years experience providing education in a bi-cultural Hispanic context.

Whether you are a prospective student, a missional Christian who supports our work, or a first time visitor to our web site, we hope that you will partner with us in bridging cultures and building lives for the future.

-René Maciel
President of Baptist University of the Américas