Level II: Intermediate


Students in the intermediate level will get extensive oral practice of grammatical concepts in exercises that range from structured practice to free discussion. They will be given the opportunity to use their knowledge and creativity to communicate their own ideas while interacting with content, grammar, and each other. They will deal with structures that are important at the intermediate level: the meanings and forms of the verb system; introduction to modal auxiliaries, word order, clause structure, and noun phrases. In addition, students will have the opportunity to meet with a conversation partner to strengthen oral skills. Students enrolled in this course will learn the following competencies:

Vocabulary: Use high-frequency vocabulary and phrases to convey unrehearsed, basic ideas, and information. Use expanded vocabulary in familiar and some unfamiliar situations. Produce rehearsed and spontaneous comprehensible oral language independently with some control of pronunciation, rhythm, stress, and intonation.

Grammar: Use a few basic grammar conventions in structured communication. Demonstrate control of basic grammar while beginning to use some complex grammar in authentic communication.

Composition: Develop writing skills using grammar structure and vocabulary learned during each lesson.

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