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Reference Form (PDF form, download, complete and upload on application form.)

Pastor Recommendation Letter (Biblical/Theological Degree only)

Proof of Meningitis Vaccination


Personal Information

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Date of Birth:*
Social Security Number (If applicable) :
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Emergency Contact Information

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Background Information (Optional)

In order for the university to reply to required federal and state questionnaires, you are asked to assist us on a voluntary basis with the following questions. Disclosure or nondisclosure of this information will not affect your eligibility for admissions.

Ethnic Background:*
Have you ever been convicted or found guilty by a federal or state crime (in any state)?*
If you answered yes above, please explain why. Your answer will be confidential.

Academic Program

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Status: (Re-entry means you have not attended BUA for 2 semesters or more.)*
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Brief Essay

Please write a brief essay about why you choose Baptist University of the Américas for your Christian university education. If you have a call to ministry, please tell us briefly about your call.

  • Briefly tell us a little about yourself, your goals, and how BUA will help you to accomplish these goals.
  • What degree program do you wish to enroll in and why?
  • Why did you choose BUA? Tell us who recommended you to BUA.
  • In summary, is there any additional information you wish to share that needs to be considered in your application process?
Please type your essay in the field below*

Recommendation Letters

Please submit two personal recommendation letters. The links to the files are on the top of the page. Submit them in a PDF file or Word file.

Upload Recommendation Letter 1:
Upload Recommendation Letter 2:

Pastor Recommendation Letter

Please submit a pastor recommendation letter (Biblical/Theological Degree Only). The links to the file is on the top of the page. Submit in a PDF file or Word file.

Upload Pastor Recommendation Letter:

Proof of Meningitis Vaccination

Please submit a proof of meningitis vaccination. The link to the file is on the top of the page. Submit in a PDF file or Word file.

Upload Proof of Meningitis Vaccination:

Church Information

Pastor's Name:*
Religious Denomination:*
Church Name:*
Church Address:*

Educational Background

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High School Phone:*
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Graduation Date:*


I certify that the information given in the application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any known or intention falsification of the information I submit may be grounds for rejection of the application from BUA.

Do you agree with the above statement?*
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