Praying Churches Needed!

BUA covets your prayers. Thank you for your desire to lift us up to Jesus Christ our Lord!  These are our Ten Prayer Requests.  Thank you for your vigilance of BUA.  We are so grateful that you have come alongside us!

10 Prayer Requests
1. Pray while BUA is in a transition and the search committee is winding down its process.
2. Pray for our students as they meet their tuition needs.
3. Pray for our graduates as they seek God's direction for their future.
4. Pray for our Capital Campaign "A New Journey," as we raise funding to pay-off our new building.
5. Pray for our ongoing financial needs as we meet our monthly obligations.
6. Pray for our faculty as they effectively train and educate students.
7. Pray for our staff as they meet departmental goals.
8. Pray about the opportunity God has given us with our new location to tell more people about BUA.
9. Pray for current and future donors as they are our main source of keeping our fees affordable.
10. Pray for student enrollment increase.


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