Every morning join in at:

KGOD @ 7:07 am

(Know God Opens Doors)


Tune in to God’s frequency! 
The listener is God, the spokesman is you.
Whether in your car, eating breakfast, getting ready for work or on your morning run,  join in to pray for BUA needs.
Ask | Seek| Knock
Matthew 7:7

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in association with supporters who have a firm belief in the vision of BUA.

  1.  Servant Leaders
    • Staff & Faculty
    • Trustees
    • Donors
    • Students
  1.  Students

3. Programs

  • Biblical/Theological Studies
  • Business Leadership
  • Human Behavior
  • Music
  • Spanish Language and Literature
  • Cross-Cultural Studies
  • Baptist Bible Institute
  • Latina Leadership Institute
  • English as Second Language (ESL)
  1. Our Future

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