Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language and Literature

Overview & Academics

The Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language and Literature program allows the University to form cross-cultural Christian leaders who will be able to function effectively in situations where command of the Spanish language is required, and where the individual needs to have a good understanding of the history and culture of the different Hispanic people groups and cultures. The study of the Spanish language, literature and culture gives students the opportunity to explore and interact with people groups from different parts of the world. This in turn, gives them a new way of viewing their cultural experience.

In the Spanish major, emphasis will be given to the formation of character, the development of a Christian world-view, and the acquisition of critical thinking and self-directed learning skills essential for effective service in any area of human activity. Students will be challenged to appreciate the diversity of cultures and to bring a biblical perspective to their understanding of their own culture and the cultures of others. To this end, students will interact with the biblical text and theology through the curricular offerings that are required for this major and through the availability of electives in Bible beyond the required minimum.

The Department of Modern Languages offers a full range of undergraduate courses designed to help students develop communication skills through listening, speaking, reading and writing. In the Spanish major, students will be familiar with Hispanic culture; they will be conversant with the major authors and movements of Hispanic and Mexican-American literature, and they will be trained to become teachers of the language at the secondary level. The major will also prepare students for graduate school and careers in government service.

Students who enter the Spanish program with high school work in Spanish must take an appropriate placement test, such as the CLEP, to determine their level of proficiency. Students are required to complete, by course work or placement test, all 1000- and 2000-level courses before taking any upper-division (3000- or 4000- level) course. Students with previous language experience may not enroll in any 1000 courses without department permission. Students may not receive credit through examination for a class in which they are simultaneously enrolled. The CLEP test is administered by Palo Alto Community College and other institutions of higher education in San Antonio several times a year. Through CLEP, students may receive up to eleven semester hours of credit, but credit received in this manner will not be counted in the total number of language hours required for the Spanish major.

The minimum number of semester credit hours required for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish, including the Core Curriculum requirements, is 120. The entry point to the program is SPAN 3301.

Students seeking a minor in Spanish are required to take twenty-one semester hours.  It will start with SPAN 2301 and must include SPAN 3301, SPAN 3310 or SPAN 3311, and SPAN 3320.

BIBL 1301Spiritual Formation3
ENGL 1301Freshman Composition I3
SPAN 1401 or SPAN 3301Beginning Spanish I or Grammar and Comp. for Heritage Speakers4
MATH 1324 or MATH 1314 or MATH 1332 or MATH 1380Business Math or College Algebra or Mathematics for Liberal Arts or Elementary Statistical Methods3
FOUN 1101Foundations Class1
BIBL 1300Introduction to the Bible3
ENGL 1302Freshman Composition II3
SPCH 1311Speech Communications3
SPAN 1402Beginning Spanish II4
FOUN 1102Fundamentals of Academic Research1
BIBL 2300Introduction to the Old Testament3
BIOL 1308 or ENVR 1301 or BIOL 2301General Biology I orEnvironmental Science or Anatomy and Physiology3
SPAN 2301Intermediate Spanish I3
ART 1301 or MUSI 2300Art Appreciation or Music Appreciation3
BIBL 2302Introduction to the New Testament3
SPAN 2302Intermediate Spanish II3
LEAD 1300Personal Dimensions of Leadership3
ENGL 2306 or ENGL 2326World Literature or American Literature3
THEO 3301Introduction to Theology3
SPAN 3301Adv Grammar & Comp for Heritage Speakers*3
LEAD 3302Cross-Cultural Leadership Development3
PSYC 2301 or SOCI 1301 or ECON 2325 or ECON 2326Introduction to Psychology or Introduction to Sociology or Microeconomics or Macroeconomics3
THEO 3302Systematic Theology3
GOVT 2305 or GOVT 2306US Government or Texas Government3
SPAN 3302Spanish Phonology and Morphology*3
SPAN 3310Hispanic-American Culture and Civilization*3
SPAN 3311Spanish Culture and Civilization*3
BIBL 3302Biblical Interpretation3
HIST 1301 or HIST 1302US History I or US History II3
SPAN 3321Survey of Mexican-American Culture & Literature3
SPAN 3303Spanish Syntax and Semantics*3
SPAN 3320Introduction to the Hispanic Literature*3
THEO 1300Biblical Ethics3
SPAN 4301Survey of Hispanic-American Literature I3
SPAN 4311Survey of Spanish Literature I3
Adv BIBL or Adv THEO3
SPAN 4330Spanish for Teachers3
SPAN 4302Survey of Hispanic-American Literature II3
SPAN 4312Survey of Spanish Literature II3
FOUN 4201Capstone2
Adv BIBL or Adv THEO3
Course NameCreditsPrerequisites
ART-1301 Art Appreciation or MUSI-2300 Music Appreciation3
BIBL-1300 Introduction to the Bible3
BIBL-1301 Spiritual Formation3
BIBL-2300 Introduction to the Old Testament3BIBL-1300
BIBL-2302 Introduction to the New Testament3BIBL-1300
BIBL-3302 Biblical Interpretation3BIBL-2300 & BIBL-2302
BIOL-1308 General Biology I3
ENGL-1301 Freshman Composition I3INRW-0302
ENGL-1302 Freshman Composition II3ENGL-1301
ENGL-2326 American Literature3ENGL-1302
FOUN-1101 Foundation Class1
FOUN-1102 Fundamentals of Academic Research1
FOUN-4101 Capstone2
GOVT-2305 U.S. Government or GOVT-2306 Texas Government3
HIST-1301 U.S. History I or HIST-1302 U.S. History II3
LEAD-1300 Personal Dimensions of Leadership3
LEAD-3302 Cross-Cultural Leadership Development or LEAD-4312 Servant Leadership3
MATH-1324 Business Math or MATH-1332 Mathematics for Liberal Arts or MATH-1380 Elementary Statistical Methods3
PSYC-2301 Introduction to Psychology or SOCI-1301 Introduction to Sociology3
SPAN-1401 Beginning Spanish I4
SPAN-1402 Beginning Spanish II4SPAN-1401
SPAN-2301 Intermediate Spanish I3SPAN-1402
SPAN-2302 Intermediate Spanish II3SPAN-2301
SPAN-3301 Advanced Grammar & Composition for Heritage Speakers3SPAN-2302
SPAN-3302 Spanish Phonology and Morphology3SPAN-3301
SPAN-3303 Spanish Syntax and Semantics3SPAN-3302
SPAN-3310 Hispanic-American Culture and Civilization3SPAN-3301
SPAN-3311 Spanish Culture and Civilization3SPAN-3301
SPAN-3320 Introduction to Hispanic Literature3SPAN-3310
SPAN-3321 Survey of Mexican-American Culture and Literature3SPAN-3301
SPAN-4301 Survey of Hispanic-American Literature I3SPAN-3320
SPAN-4302 Survey of Hispanic-American Literature II3SPAN-3320
SPAN-4311 Survey of Spanish Literature I3SPAN-3320
SPAN-4312 Survey of Spanish Literature II3SPAN-3320
SPAN-4330 Spanish for Teachers3SPAN-3320
SPCH-1311 Speech Communications3
THEO-1300 Biblical Ethics3ENGL-1301
THEO-3301 Introduction to Theology3BIBL-2302
THEO-3302 Systematic Theology3THEO-3301
Adv BIBL or Adv THEO3
Adv BIBL or Adv THEO3
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