Jiménez De La Cruz Mission Society


[box] The Jiménez De La Cruz Mission Society honors the memory and sacrifice of Rev. Juan Pedro De La Cruz, Rev. Pablo Jiménez and their families.

The Baptist University of the Américas student body unanimously selected the name from three suggestions in Spring of 2004 when the society was organized.

In the early hours of March 22, 1967, the two families which included, four adults and 11 children, were traveling together in the De La Cruz’s station wagon to Carrizo Spring where the men were pastors.  During this time the two men attended the Mexican Baptist Bible Institute.

For safety reasons they left early to avoid Easter Sunday traffic but tragedy struck when the car was hit head on by a drunk driver.

The collision killed both couples and six children.  Only Yolanda Jiménez, age 9,  Richard De La Cruz, age 11, Ernestina De La Cruz, age 11,  Becky De La Cruz, age 7 and Alex De La Cruz, age 10 survived;  Alex was left paralyzed. [/box]


[box] The Mission Society provides missions education to anyone interested in missionary training. Every month a seasoned missionary comes to BUA to instruct and encourage us in our missionary objectives. [/box]


[box] In addition, the JDLC Mission Society regularly schedules mission activities for group members or guests. For instance, we serve alongside the Salvation Army, Baptist Child & Family Services Shelter and Habitat for Humanity. [/box]


[box] Finally, our major duty is to go. In the past our members have been in India, England, Haiti, Brazil, Mexico, and so on. [/box]


[box]March 19th, 2013:
Monthly Missionary Meeting

March 30th, 2013:
10:00am to 1:00pm
(sports events by playing soccer and volleyball).

March 31st, 2013:
Sunday Easter @ BCFS
3:00pm to 6:00pm
(free food, playing soccer and basketball)




Phanuel Estinvil

JDLC Missions Society Officers-01 31 13 034-Estinvil, Phanuel-200








[/box] [box]

Vice President,
Jehsuan Ramirez
JDLC Missions Society Officers-01 31 13 029-Ramirez, David Jey-200








[/box] [box]

Community Coordinator,
David Ortiz

JDLC Missions Society Officers-01 31 13 013-ortiz, David-200









[/box] [box]

Student Coordinator,
Karla Lopez

JDLC Missions Society Officers-01 31 13 021-Lopez, Karla-200










[/box] [box]

JDLC Missions Society Officers-01 31 13 006-200





  Missions Society

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[box] All proceeds go to Jiménez De La Cruz Missions Society.

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