Press Release

(San Antonio, TX) On December 1, 2016, BUA and the Board of Trustees honored the Baugh Family by proclaiming the day “Baugh Family Day.”  Dr. Van Christian, BUA Chairman, read and then presented the Proclamation during Chapel while students, faculty, staff and guests gathered to help celebrate the occasion.  Present to receive this homage were Babs Baugh and her daughter, Jackie Moore. The Proclamation highlighted the John and Eula Mae Baugh Family’s outstanding support of Baptist University of the Américas and its diligence of leading others to support this school.  It also expressed gratefulness for their humble spirit, their excellent example of servanthood, their generosity, and their contribution to the university’s firm foundation.

Coupled with this celebration, the Baugh Family presented BUA with a painted portrait of their beloved patriarch, John Baugh, a wonderful supporter of BUA.  To introduce the painting was its artist, Bill Nichols.  Mr. Nichols, once a BUA professor, shared that artists sometimes choose to mix fiction with fact to make the viewer think and dream, and so, the painting becomes like a story; a story with color and light.

The story behind this painting in particular was an introduction to Mr. John Baugh.  Nichols shared, “He was not an ordinary kind of fellow, but a young, humbled and poor guy with integrity and when he struck it rich, it did not change him.”  He mentioned how John admired Roger Williams, who sits as a backdrop to John in the painting, and the first man to start a Baptist church in America and who fought for the rights of Indians and outcasts.  Nichols went on to say, “John looked up to him because he was a man of integrity.”  He continued, “In the painting, Mr. Baugh is slightly bent over, as if bowing and honoring God and Roger Williams, in the background, is saying to John ‘I’m dead and gone on to the Lord, now it’s your turn.  Pick up the torch carry the truth, don’t quit no matter what anybody says, keep those same great principles that Jesus taught me.’  Now, John is passing this on to Babs, Jackie and Julie.  When you as students pass this portrait as it hangs, remember that God is saying the same thing to you.”

The portrait is now hanging in BUA’s External Affairs Department on the second floor.  Dr. Moises Rodriguez, Acting President, thanked the Baugh Family for their example and dedication to the school and for the gifting of the portrait of a great man who is still remembered to this day, Mr. John Baugh!

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