About BUA

“We take pride in bridging cultures to
share the word of God.”

Each year, the excellence of education, the personal size, the encouraging character of the student body and the beauty of the campus and surrounding area draw new students from diverse cultures all over the world to Baptist University of the Américas. We take pride in bridging cultures to share the word of God: three out of every four Hispanic Baptist pastors in Texas attended BUA, and we have extension centers in three countries, with plans for further expansion. At BUA, we will offer you a full 4-year program of study, a superb personal scholastic environment, an outstanding faculty, affordable tuition, and a full range of scholarships and financial assistance.

Why choose BUA?

 We’re affordable.

o   BUA is 4 to 6 times more affordable than most private universities.  

o   The majority of our students receive financial aid.

o   One of our goals is for you to graduate with no student debt!

We’re biblical.

o   BUA is a private university based on Christian principles.

o   Students from all faiths are welcomed.

o   We believe that God has a unique purpose for your life.

We’re cross-cultural.

o   An average of 18 countries are represented at BUA.

o   We place high value on culture and race.

o   No matter where a student comes from, he or she becomes part of our familia (family).

Providing personalized attention that promotes academic success.

BUA is encouraging, accessible and un-intimidating. Many students build a new academic confidence at BUA where they have previously struggled and been frustrated. Students who already possess academic confidence can move from our B.A. degrees into graduate studies elsewhere and perform very well. While some of our students succeed easily, we understand that other students may face significant financial, academic and cultural hurdles that require personal coaching and ongoing encouragement. At BUA, we specialize in overcoming barriers.

We see enormous value in every student.

BUA is intentionally designed to develop every student’s highest potential and train them to invest themselves for the good of the world. Our holistic student services philosophy shapes our approach to the total economic, emotional, relational, physical and spiritual needs of our students, in addition to our basic concern for their academic success.

At BUA, we believe in you!

We provide quality education for affordable tuition.

Not only can BUA students apply for all the basic federal financial aid programs, but we have a number of significant university and denominational aid programs that make our tuition very affordable, especially for a private Christian school (see Financial Aid insert and Fee Schedule).

We produce graduates with ample career opportunities.

In recent years, every graduate has either received a job offer, graduate school acceptance or if an international student, a temporary occupational training assignment. BUA graduates are starting churches across America, serving as missionaries across the globe, and working in childcare organizations and social service agencies. With the burgeoning need for cross-cultural Christian leaders, BUA graduates are in demand and recruited on campus every year by churches, denominational institutions and non-profit agencies.

Our mission vision opens doors of experience and opportunity for students.

Our BUA faculty believes that learning happens best as we integrate the knowledge in our heads with the willingness of our heart and the work of our hands. BUA students find on-going opportunities to practice their ministry skills on mission teams that travel throughout Texas and the United States, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Recent trips include mission teams traveling to Chile, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, West Africa, India, Turkey, and Egypt among others. Our students also develop leadership skills by training non-Hispanic churches and mission volunteers on how to relate to Hispanic people and minister effectively in Hispanic communities. These experiences not only build confidence and competence in the practice of ministry, but they also provide the student with a network of relationships on which they can build throughout their ministry careers.

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