Baptist Bible Institute

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The mission of the Baptist Bible Institute is to provide training to leaders, future pastors and church planters in their own geographical location, in their language and at a reasonable cost.

The Baptist Bible Institute is a non-degree, non-accredited program intended to offer students the opportunity to train for ministry while remaining in their current job.

Why Study in the BBI?

  • Because it provides a systematic learning in the areas of biblical, doctrinal and ministerial knowledge.
  • Because we delve into the major themes of the Bible.
  • Because we learn to use several tools to interpret the Bible correctly.
  • Because we learn to apply and communicate the message of the Bible.

Where can I take classes?

  • BUA Campus San Antonio*
  • BBI extension

*Notice for San Antonio campus students: Meningitis Vaccination Requirement. Effective Jan. 1, 2014, state law(Senate Bill 62) requires that students under age 22 entering a public, private, or independent institution of higher education in Texas provide proof of immunization for bacterial meningitis.

Can I start a BBI in my church (center by extension)?

Yes, and we encourage you to start as soon as possible. The need is great to train men and women for different ministries inside and outside the church. Please contact the BBI program director to receive more information.

Tuition and Fees

(Tuition does not include textbooks.)

Cost per course:
At the extension sites                                                        $  75.00
At the Campus                                                                    $150.00
Transcript Fee                                                                     $    5.00

Cost of certificates:
Without participating in Commencement Ceremony     $  45.00
Graduation Fee (includes certificate, cap & gown)          $100.00

Study Program



Certificado en Liderazgo (Available just in Spanish)

  • Formados por el Corazon de Dios

  • Verdades Fundamentales del Liderazgo
  • El Lider y sus Relaciones
  • Maximizando los Recursos de su Congregacion

Certificate in Biblical Studies

Consist of 4 Courses. Designed for preparing Bible teachers.

  • Introduction to the Old Testament
  • Introduction to the New Testament
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Christian Doctrine

Certificate in Ministry Studies

Consist of 8 Courses. Designed for equipping church leaders
All previous courses plus…

  • Biblical Ethics
  • Biblical Interpretation
  • Principles of Teaching and Learning
  • Ministry Leadership

Diploma in Biblical/Ministry Studies

Consist of 12 Courses. Designed for equipping vocational ministers

All previous courses plus…

  • Basic Skills in Administration
  • 3 elective courses from any of the following areas:
      • Theological Studies
      • Biblical Studies
      • Ministry Studies
      • History Studies
      • Language Studies

 List of Electives:


      • Advanced Theology 1
      • Advanced Theology 2
      • Historical Theology
      • Apologetics: Defending your Faith
      • Spiritual Conflict
      • The Holy Spirit
      • Sects and Religions


      • Personal Dimensions of the Ministry
      • Evangelism and Christian Missions
      • Music and Adoration
      • Conflict Transformation / Ministry Counseling / Pastoral Care
      • Church Planting
      • Preaching / Homiletics
      • Church and Pastoral Ministries


      • The Pentateuch
      • The Historical Books
      • The Major Prophets
      • The Minor Prophets
      • Poetic and Wisdom Books
      • The book of Isaiah


      • The Synoptic Gospels / The 4 Gospels
      • The Gospel of Mark
      • Facts and Juan
      • Romans
      • Romans and Galatians
      • The Prison and Pastoral Epistles
      • The General Epistles
      • The Writings of Juan
      • The Revelation of Jesus Christ / Apocalypse
      • 1 & 2 of Timothy and Titus


      • History of Christianity I
      • History of Christianity II
      • Baptist History and Identity


      • Introduction to biblical Hebrew
      • Introduction to the biblical Greek
      • Spanish grammar
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