Level 1

Students in Level 1 will receive extensive practice through Language Learning Lessons. The Language Learning Lessons are structured to utilize the Grammar Lessons as the basis throughout all the other lessons: Reading, Vocabulary, and Writing Lessons. Within the structure of an overarching Grammar Lesson that utilizes basic grammar conventions, students will navigate through the Reading Lessons to develop knowledge/comprehension for basic ideas and information, through the Vocabulary Lessons to develop a high-frequency/expanded vocabulary, and through the Writing Lessons to develop writing skills using grammar structure.

Students will be given the opportunity to use their knowledge and creativity to compose their own ideas through written examples. Students enrolled in this course will learn the following competencies:

  • Reading: Develop knowledge/comprehension for basic ideas and information
  • Vocabulary: Develop high-frequency vocabulary/expanded vocabulary (familiar and unfamiliar situations)
  • Grammar: Use basic grammar conventions within structured format of (Reading, Vocabulary, and Writing) lessons
  • Composition: Develop writing skills using grammar structure

*Listening, Speaking and Pronunciation Skills for every level are an important component of our language training program and are covered in our Language Lab days.

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