Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership

Overview & Academics

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership consists of general business courses in the areas of organizational and international leadership development designed within a Christian ministry framework. The entire curriculum has a strong multicultural dimension, albeit from a Hispanic perspective.

The program seeks interaction with the other curricular offerings in Biblical and Theological Studies with the purpose of providing a spiritual foundation for all aspects of leadership independent of the setting in which it is exercised. Students majoring in Business Leadership may also select a concentration area from the other academic majors offered by the University, though doing so will require extra hours beyond the 120 otherwise required for the major.

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Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate knowledge in business and leadership best practices
  • Exhibit interpersonal and transcultural skills in business and leadership practices
  • Evidence biblical ethical values for practice in the profession
  • Exhibit servant leadership skills in life and profession

The minimum number of semester credit hours required for the Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership, including the Core Curriculum requirements, is 120.

As a graduation requirement, all students must take four semesters of Chapel attendance, and six semesters of Christian Service Program.

Course IDCourse NameCredits
BIBL 1301Spiritual Formation3
ENGL 1301Freshman Composition I3
LEAD 1300Personal Dimensions of Leadership3
MATH 1324 or MATH 1314 or MATH 1332 or MATH 1380Business Math or College Algebra or Mathematics for Liberal Arts or Elementary Statistical Methods3
FOUN 1101Foundations Class1
BIBL 1300Introduction to the Bible3
ENGL 1302Freshman Composition II3
SPCH 1311Speech Communications3
BUSI 1301Introduction to Business3
FOUN 1102Fundamentals of Academic Research1
BIBL 2300Introduction to the Old Testament3
BIOL 1308 or ENVR 1301 or BIOL 2301General Biology I or Environmental Science or Anatomy and Physiology3
SPAN 1401 or SPAN 3301Beginning Spanish I or Grammar and Comp. for Heritage Speakers4
BUSI 2301Business Information Systems and Processing3
BIBL 2302Introduction to the New Testament3
SPAN 1402Beginning Spanish II4
BUSI 2311Business Project Management3
ECON 2326Macroeconomics3
THEO 3301Introduction to Theology3
SPAN 2301Intermediate Spanish I3
MRKT 3305Principles of Marketing3
ECON 2325Microeconomics3
THEO 3302Systematic Theology3
GOVT 2305 or GOVT 2306US Government or Texas Government3
LEAD 2301Cross-Cultural Communications3
BUSI 4301Entrepreneurial Process3
FINA 3301Principles of Finance3
BIBL 3302Biblical Interpretation3
HIST 1301 or HIST 1302US History I or US History II3
LEAD 3301Survey of Leadership Models3
ACCT 3301Principles of Accounting3
THEO 1300Biblical Ethics3
BUSI 3301Business Law3
LEAD 4312Servant Leadership3
LEAD 4311 or PMIN 4302Leadership for the Non-Profic Org. or Skills in Administration3
Adv BIBL or Adv THEO3
ART 1301 or MUSI 2300Art Appreciation or Music Appreciation3
MGMT 4301 or MGMT 4315Principles of Management or Human Resource Management3
LEAD 4301Global Leadership and Cross Cultura Issues3
FOUN 4201Capstone2
Adv BIBL or Adv THEO3
Course NameCreditsPrerequisites
ACCT-2301 Principles of Accounting3BUSI-2301 & MATH-1324
ART-1301 Art Appreciation or MUSI-2300 Music Appreciation3
BIBL-1300 Introduction to the Bible3
BIBL-1301 Spiritual Formation3
BIBL-2300 Introduction to the Old Testament3BIBL-1300
BIBL-2302 Introduction to the New Testament3BIBL-1300
BIBL-3302 Biblical Interpretation3BIBL-2300 & BIBL-2302
BIOL-1308 General Biology I3
BUSI-1301 Introduction to Business3
BUSI-2301 Business Information Systems and Processing3BUSI-1301
BUSI-2311 Business Project Management3BUSI-2301
BUSI-3301 Business Law3BUSI-1301
BUSI-4301 Entrepreneurial Process3ECON-2325 & MGMT-3305
ECON-2325 Microeconomics3BUSI-1301 & MATH-1324
ECON-2326 Macroeconomics3BUSI-1301 & MATH-1324
ENGL-1301 Freshman Composition I3INRW-0302
ENGL-1302 Freshman Composition II3ENGL-1301
FINA-3301 Principles of Finance3ACCT-2301 & BUSI-2311
FOUN-1101 Foundation Class1
FOUN-1102 Fundamentals of Academic Research1
FOUN-4101 Capstone2
GOVT-2305 U.S. Government or GOVT-2306 Texas Government3
HIST-1301 U.S. History I or HIST-1302 U.S. History II3
LEAD-1300 Personal Dimensions of Leadership3
LEAD-2301 Cross-Cultural Communication3ENGL-1302
LEAD-3301 Survey of Leadership Models3LEAD-2301
LEAD-3302 Cross-Cultural Leadership Development or LEAD-4312 Servant Leadership3
LEAD-4301 Global Leadership and Cross-Cultural Issues or BUSI-4302 International Business3LEAD-3301 & MRKT-3301
LEAD-4311 Leadership of the Non-Profit Organization or PMIN-4302 Skills in Church Administration3
MATH-1324 Business Math or MATH-1332 Mathematics for Liberal Arts or MATH-1380 Elementary Statistical Methods3
MGMT-3301 Principles of Management or MGMT-4302 Human Resource Management3ACCT-2301 & BUSI-2311
MRKT-3301 Principles of Marketing3ACCT-2301 & BUSI-2311
SPAN-1401 Beginning Spanish I4
SPAN-1402 Beginning Spanish II4SPAN-1401
SPAN-2301 Intermediate Spanish I3SPAN-1402
SPCH-1311 Speech Communications3
THEO-1300 Biblical Ethics3ENGL-1301
THEO-3301 Introduction to Theology3BIBL-2302
THEO-3302 Systematic Theology3THEO-3301
Adv BIBL or Adv THEO3
Adv BIBL or Adv THEO3
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