Bachelor of Arts in Human Behavior

Overview & Academics

The Bachelor of Arts in Human Behavior entails general courses in the areas of psychology, sociology, and social work designed within a Christian ministry framework. Students would acquire the basic knowledge in the psychological and social sciences that prepare for careers in the helping professions such as chaplaincy, counseling, and social work. The offering of human behavior as a Bachelor of Arts degree helps students develop basic knowledge and skills for the helping professions with a holistic Christian humanistic foundation.

The minimum number of semester credit hours required for the Bachelor of Arts in Human Behavior, including the Core Curriculum requirements, is 120.

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Program Student Learning Outcomes:

Students who enroll in the Bachelor of Arts in Human Behavior (BAHB) at Baptist University of the Américas are expected to develop competencies that are intrinsically related to the overall mission of the University.

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

Students who enroll in the Bachelor of Arts in Human Behavior (BAHB) at Baptist University of the Américas are expected to develop competencies that are intrinsically related to the overall mission of the University. At the end of the BAHB program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a general education background that would facilitate understanding of the world, the development of critical thinking and communication skills, and would prepare the student for self-directed learning in the community.
  • Understand the historical, scientific, and practical foundations of the psychological and social sciences.
  • Demonstrate cross-cultural competence that would allow them to understand and relate to people of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Apply a Christian worldview to leadership positions, situations, and challenges in the workplace.
  • Demonstrate the Christian character and work ethics necessary to serving individuals, family, and communities as ministers at local churches or in community settings.

As a graduation requirement, all students must take four semesters of Chapel attendance, and six semesters of Christian Service Program.

Course IDCourse NameCredits
BIBL 1301Spiritual Formation3
ENGL 1301Freshman Composition I3
LEAD 1300Personal Dimensions of Leadership3
MATH 1324Business Math3
FOUN 1101Foundations Class1
BIBL 1300Introduction to the Bible3
ENGL 1302Freshman Composition II3
SPCH 1311Speech Communications3
SOCI 1301Introduction to Sociology3
FOUN 1102Fundamentals of Academic Research1
BIBL 2300Introduction to the Old Testament3
BIOL 1308General Biology I3
SPAN 1401Beginning Spanish I4
PSYC 2301Introduction to Psychology3
BIBL 2302Introduction to the New Testament3
SPAN 1402Beginning Spanish II4
BIOL 1309General Biology II3
LEAD 2301Cross-Cultural Communications3
THEO 3301Introduction to Theology3
SPAN 2301Intermediate Spanish I3
LEAD 3302Cross-Cultural Leadership Development3
Professional Concentration I3
THEO 3302Systematic Theology3
GOVT 2305 or GOVT 2306US Government or Texas Government3
SOCI 2301 or SOCI 2321Social Problems or Sociological Foundations*3
PSYC 2311Statistics for Behavioral and Social Sciences*3
Professional Concentration II3
BIBL 3302Biblical Interpretation3
HIST 1301 or HIST 1302US History I or US History II3
SOCI 2312Research Meth for Behavioral & Social Sciences*3
PSYC 2331Theories of Learning*3
Professional Concentration III3
THEO 1300Biblical Ethics3
PSYC 2321Human Development*3
PSYC 3341Theories of Personality*3
Professional Concentration IV3
Adv BIBL or Adv THEO3
ART 1301 or MUSI 2300Art Appreciation or Music Appreciation3
SOCI 3301 or SOCI 3321Classical Sociological Theory or Contemporary Sociological Theory*3
FOUN 4201Capstone2
Professional Concentration V3
Adv BIBL or Adv THEO3
Course NameCreditsPrerequisites
ART-1301 Art Appreciation or MUSI-2300 Music Appreciation3
BIBL-1300 Introduction to the Bible3
BIBL-1301 Spiritual Formation3
BIBL-2300 Introduction to the Old Testament3BIBL-1300
BIBL-2302 Introduction to the New Testament3BIBL-1300
BIBL-3302 Biblical Interpretation3BIBL-2300 & BIBL-2302
BIOL-1308 General Biology I3
BIOL-1309 General Biology II3
ENGL-1301 Freshman Composition I3INRW-0302
ENGL-1302 Freshman Composition II3ENGL-1301
FOUN-1101 Foundation Class1
FOUN-1102 Fundamentals of Academic Research1
FOUN-4101 Capstone2
GOVT-2305 U.S. Government or GOVT-2306 Texas Government3
HIST-1301 U.S. History I or HIST-1302 U.S. History II3
LEAD-1300 Personal Dimensions of Leadership3
LEAD-2301 Cross-Cultural Communication3ENGL-1302
LEAD-3302 Cross-Cultural Leadership Development or LEAD-4312 Servant Leadership3
MATH-1324 Business Math or MATH-1332 Mathematics for Liberal Arts3
MATH-1380 Elementary Statistical Methods3
PSYC-2301 Introduction to Psychology3
PSYC-2321 Human Development3
PSYC-2331 Theories of Learning3
PSYC-3341 Theories of Personality3
SOCI-1301 Introduction to Sociology3
SOCI-2301 Social Problems or SOCI-2321 Sociological Foundations3
SOCI-2312 Research Methods for Behavioral and Social Sciences3
SOCI-3301 Classical Sociological Theory or SOCI-3321 Contemporary Sociological Theory3
SPAN-1401 Beginning Spanish I4
SPAN-1402 Beginning Spanish II4SPAN-1401
SPAN-2301 Intermediate Spanish I3SPAN-1402
SPCH-1311 Speech Communications3
THEO-1300 Biblical Ethics3ENGL-1301
THEO-3301 Introduction to Theology3BIBL-2302
THEO-3302 Systematic Theology3THEO-3301
Adv BIBL or Adv THEO3
Adv BIBL or Adv THEO3
Course IDCourse NameCredits
GERI 2301Introduction to Gerontology3
GERI 3321Ethnicity and Aging3
GERI 3341Social Services for the Older Persons3
GERI 4301Sociology of Aging3
GERI 4390Aging and Mental Health3
Pastoral Care
PCC 3300Introduction to Pastoral Care3
PCC 3301Clinical Pastoral Care in the Church3
PCC 4900Pastoral Care Education I & II6
PCC 4390-4393Special Topics in Pastoral Care3
PSYC 2302Biological Basis of Behavior3
PSYC 3342Introduction to Counseling & Psycholtherapy3
PSYC 3361Social Psychology3
PSYC 4341Abnormal Psychology3
PSYC 4390-4393Special Topics in Pyschology3
Social Work
SWO 2301Ministry and Community3
SWO 2321Introduction to Social Work3
SWO 3351Human Behavior and the Environment3
SWO 3371Social Work Practice3
SWO 4390-4393Special Topics in Social Work3
SOCI 2302Social Stratification3
SOCI 3342Race and Ethnic Relations3
SOCI 3362Urban Sociology3
SOCI 4341Migration Dynamics3
SOCI 4390-4393Special Topics in Sociology3
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