Student Grievance and Complaint Process


University students have the right to file grievances and complaints regarding disciplinary actions and/or other circumstances related to student life at Baptist University of the Américas. Students are encouraged to address the complaint directly with the person/people involved in the situation if at all possible. However, if the situation is not resolved or if a student wishes to review or file a complaint regarding the action of an individual or an administrative unit (Academic Affairs, Student Services, Advancement, and Administration and Finances) of the University, the student should direct his/her questions to the person responsible for supervision of the individual or unit.

Send the completed and signed form (including copies of pertinent documents related to your grievance) to the Office of the Chief of Staff, or mail to:

Baptist University of the Américas
Dr. Gabriel Cortés, Chief of Staff
7838 Barlite Blvd.
San Antonio, TX 78224

Click here for Student Grievance Form.

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