Christian Service Program [PMIN 0010]

Office of Academic Affairs Department| February 2, 2021(Revised)

Christian Service Program(Online)

The Christian Service Program (CSP) is a curricular requirement for graduation for all BUA students. Although a not-for-credit experience, the CSP is designed as a service-learning experience with the purpose of providing practicum experiences in areas of ministry both in the local church and in the community-at-large. The program fosters the reflection in practice principles, especially as the student experience promotes the application of a biblical worldview to the professional and church ministry setting.

Current students enrolled in CSP will acquire the required forms through the Blackbaud Student Portal.  Under the course section (PMIN 0010).

Graduation Requirement
In order to graduate from BUA, students need to fulfill six semesters of the CSP. The students must demonstrate one ministry service unit per (10hrs.) semester as certified by the Director of Christian Service Program. A student can fulfill the service requirement by serving in a church, a non-profit faith or community ministry, or place of employment only if approved by the Director of the Christian Service Program. Students are to be active in local churches and include evidence of their local congregation involvement in their CSP reports. Transfer students are to earn one unearned credit for each semester enrolled up to four semesters. The CSP Forms will be provided via students Blackbaud Portal or attainable from the Academic Affairs Offices during the semester. Students are responsible for turning forms in for EC = Earned Credit on their involvement in the church and other ministries. Program information is available in the BUA course catalog and BUA student handbook.

Mission Statement
The purpose of the Christian Service Program is to enable students to integrate classroom learning with personal life and practical ministry experience in order to develop a lifestyle of Christian service.

Christian Service Program Goals

  1. Apply learned Christian values from the coursework in the student’s ministry and/or community service.
  2. Apply learned knowledge and skills values from the coursework in the student’sministry and/or community service.
  3. Discover the student’s spiritual gifts, God-given talents, and abilities.
  4. Clarify the student’s calling for ministry and the kind of ministry God is calling the student.
  5. Improve the student’s ability to navigate among many cultures.
  6. Grow in the student’s walk with God.

Christian Service Program Outcomes

  1. Christian Character: The student is to adopt a lifestyle of service in the name of Jesus
    Christ by meeting human and organizational needs.
  2. Cross-Cultural Competence: The student is to learn to serve everyone regardlessof diversity or differences.
  3. Content Knowledge and Skills: The student is to classroom knowledge, skills, values,and principles learned in the classroom in service to others.

Christian Service Components

  1. Students are encouraged to attend and participate in a local church.
  2. Chapel is provided by BUA see In-Person/Online.
  3. Every semester the students are required to complete the Christian Service Program

(CSP) forms. The forms are available through Blackbaud Student portal under the course tab option (PMIN 0010).

The Office of the Academic Affairs will seek to verify the claims made by the students.  It is therefore necessary to Complete the contact information of the student and the student’s ministry or service supervisor.

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