Dr. Nancy Compean-Garica serves as ESL Director/Head Teacher at BUA



Baptist University of the Américas students represent a new generation of International and Language Training Program Schools, open to both U.S. and foreign students. Built on the foundation of excellence in education, the personal size, and character development. BUA is not only AFFORDABLE, BIBLICAL and CROSS-CULTURAL, but our student body represents diverse cultures from all over the world.

BUA takes pride in bridging cultures to share the word of God. Baptist University of the Américas care for the holistic needs of students, compelling them to live up to their greatest potential. Individual attention from teachers and small class sizes ensure that each student receives the support necessary to do well academically. A well rounded extracurricular ESL Language Training program with personalized supervision means that each ESL student develops broadly as well. The top quality facilities and resources create an engaging and supportive environment preparing them with Academic English language proficiency skills.

Baptist University of the Américas offers full boarding, where BUA students feel at home. We provide a warm and caring atmosphere where the students are fully engaged, physically and intellectually, outside school hours. Teamwork, leadership, creativity and independence thrive at Baptist University of the Américas. With expert care for individual needs, and multiple opportunities for personal development, BUA students are laying the foundation for a successful and fruitful language experience, and life. Knowledgeable, adaptable young people with an international mindset and a sense of responsibility will be marked for high achievements in all walks of life.

Baptist University of the Américas is helping create today the success stories of Cross-cultural, Diverse and Global language learner’s future. We require teaching colleagues who are dynamic and committed, able to deliver their subject(s) at the highest level, understand the learning needs of second-language students, willing to contribute outside their specialty and, above all, pioneers who will work within the realities of a new and rapidly-developing demographics here in the United States. If this describes you, a warm welcome awaits you!

Our ESL instructors use a variety of second language teaching methods in order to help students develop communicative competencies that will allow them to succeed in an academic and professional setting.

A required entry exam, the English Language Proficiency Test (LPT), is administered to all students entering the program in order to place them at the appropriate linguistic level.

Completing all four levels qualifies for a Certificate in ESL.

Click here for ESL Program Admission Document Submission Guidelines

Dr. Nancy Compean-Garcia
Director and ESL Instructor

ESL Language Training Program
7838 Barlite Blvd.
San Antonio, TX 78224
210.924.4338 or 1.800.721.1396

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