Planned Giving

At BUA, we connect donors with their passion and vision for philanthropy through gift options that leave a legacy for years to come.

The following are gift options provided for our donors by the Baptist Foundation of Texas (BFT). The BFT, in partnership with BUA, provides free legal assistance to donors interested in planned giving options.
Investment Services
Endowment Funds
Endowment funds are established for the perpetual support of Baptist institutions, such as churches, agencies, universities, child and family services, missions and hospitals. The investment income and capital gains from an endowed account are used to fund expenditures designated by the donor that benefit the endowed institution. Examples include scholarship funds, operating expense funds and general purpose funds.

Our investment goals for endowment funds include:

Maximizing total return within acceptable risk levels

Providing a stable source of income

Preserving funds in real, after inflation, dollars to maintain purchasing power over time

Common Investment Funds
The Foundation manages 12 Common Investment Funds: three fund-of-funds and nine asset class funds. Baptist Foundation of Texas also administers customized funds for institutions wishing to have their own asset allocation and/or distribution policies. All fund-of-funds and customized funds invest through our asset class funds which are comprised of multiple, specialized third-party investment managers. Our common funds are valued daily and client institutions may contribute or withdraw funds twice a month at the current net asset value. Income distributions are made monthly, quarterly or annually depending on the type of fund and needs of the institution.
Minerals Management
The Oil and Gas Department provides minerals management to Baptist institutions and donors. The Foundation has a proven history of enhancing mineral returns by seeking value opportunities, negotiating advantageous contract terms and effectively administering assets.
Real Estate
Having managed numerous properties located throughout Texas as well as other parts of the United States, the Real Estate Department has become an invaluable resource to our clients. Baptist Foundation of Texas is available to assist clients in matters related to the acquisition, sale and management of agricultural, residential and commercial real estate.
Trust Services
Gift Annuities
Individuals are able to make a gift of cash or marketable securities through Baptist Foundation of Texas for the benefit of Baptist ministries using a contractual agreement known as a qualified charitable gift annuity. The donor is guaranteed a set amount – an annuity – for life, and also receives a current income tax charitable deduction. The amount of the annuity is based upon the age of the income beneficiary or beneficiaries.

Please note that qualified charitable gift annuities are not considered to be “insurance” under Texas law. Thus, they are not regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance and are not protected by any guaranty association affiliated with the Department of Insurance.

Charitable Remainder Trusts
Charitable Remainder Trusts provide an excellent opportunity for individuals to participate in Baptist ministries, while retaining an income stream from the gifted property for the duration of their lifetime or a term of years. Remainder trusts can be funded with almost any asset and provide donors with an income tax deductible donation in the year the gift is made. Gifts of certain assets, such as highly appreciated stock or real estate, offer advantages that can be beneficial to the donor. Upon the income beneficiary’s death or the end of a specified term of years (not to exceed 20), remainder trusts terminate and the remaining trust assets go to support charities designated by the donor.
Remainder Interest Gifts
Making a gift of a remainder interest in a house or farm allows a donor to receive an income tax charitable deduction while retaining the use of the property for the duration of his or her lifetime. To carry out this gift, the donor transfers the property to Baptist Foundation of Texas for the benefit of the Baptist institution he or she selects, while retaining a life estate in the gifted property. This means the donor uses the property throughout his or her lifetime and, upon the donor’s death, the property automatically passes to the Baptist institution specified by the donor. An individual who retains a life estate is responsible for insurance, taxes and maintenance of the property during their life. The donor receives an income tax charitable deduction in the year the gift is made.
Charitable Lead Trusts
Charitable lead trusts provide an immediate income stream to Baptist ministries, while returning the trust corpus to the donor or to some other non-charitable individual – typically, the donor’s family – at its termination. Using a charitable lead trust, an individual transfers assets to the trust and names a charitable institution to receive an income stream for a term of years or a lifetime – commonly measured on the donor’s life. Lead trusts can be funded with almost any asset. Upon the termination of the trust, trust assets pass to the donor or other individual(s) named in the document. The donor receives a gift and/or income tax charitable deduction depending on the remainder beneficiary.
Gifts By Will
Wills are the instruments by which assets are disposed at an individual’s death. Making a will is an important decision and allows assets to be distributed according to an individual’s wishes. In the state of Texas, if there is no will, statutory requirements dictate how the property passes. A will is a straightforward means of providing for Baptist causes and continuing a legacy of stewardship at an individual’s death.

Baptist Foundation of Texas exists to serve its client ministries. Serving in this capacity, the Foundation cannot draft wills for donors because it would constitute a conflict of interest. However, our staff will work with a donor’s attorney to provide comprehensive language regarding the charitable gift the donor wishes to make. We are also able to serve as executor of a donor’s estate if a majority of the assets under the will pass to Baptist institutions.

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