Scholarship Fund
The Scholarship Fund helps students in need. In just the past few years, Baptist University of the Américas has experienced exponential growth in enrollment. However, 50% of the students who apply do not enroll, and the majority of those decline due to lack of financial resources.

Obtaining scholarships for students is one of our highest priorities. Tuition, fees and housing for one year total $9,500, and most students need some form of financial aid to attend BUA.

Last year, the Association for Biblical Higher Learning ranked BUA as the most affordable private Bible university in the state of Texas.

Miriam Sarai Juarez-Custodio

Miriam Sarai Juarez-Custodio

Scholarship Recipient

Miriam Sarai Juarez-Custodio came far from her home in North Carolina to BUA to pursue her passion of impacting the lives of youth and kids through Jesus Christ.

She has struggled with finances to reach her dream. After graduating from high school, she attended a community college but the tuition was too high. She stopped school to search for a job until she finally decided to go to Mexico to attend college. “God closed those doors because He had greater plans for me as he planted a seed in my heart to volunteer at a nonprofit organization as an interpreter and translator,” Miriam said. “God then provided an unexpected scholarship that literally gave me hope in continuing my dreams of college. I placed my faith in God and now here I am attending BUA.”

She works in the school’s Registrar’s Office and is a mentor at Kindred Elementary School with the Communities in Schools program.

She appreciates scholarship donors. “Through all the struggles that I had to confront, it’s people like you who have truly blessed me and literally changed my life by making my dream to be the first in my family to attend college become a reality,” she says. “You truly do make an impact and a difference.”

Lizbeth A. Martinez

Lizbeth A. Martinez

Scholarship Recipient

Lizbeth A. Martinez was born in Mexico but moved with her family to Arizona 10 years ago to find a better life in the United States. While in Arizona, her parents and their four daughters accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. Later Lizabeth felt God calling her into the ministry, and in that process, she heard about BUA.

“Here I am, obeying God’s call,” she says. She is enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Spanish program. “I have the opportunity to learn and improve my Spanish skills to be able to function more effectively in my effort to understand the diversity of cultures amongst Hispanic groups. My plan is to use this degree as I go into the mission field.”

Her goal? “My dream is to go to remote towns of Latin America and teach adults how to read and write. Through this, I can show them love and compassion just as Jesus did in His ministry.”

She’s convinced BUA is the right place for her – “This University is preparing me to teach and at the same time, share God’s Word.”

Lizbeth is a youth leader at her church and is a member of the Baptist Student Ministry at BUA, which has prepared her to provide spiritual support to students on campus and an avenue to share the gospel with those yet not saved.

She appreciates those who provide scholarship funds. “I am truly blessed to have people investing in those preparing for ministry. It will let me concentrate more on my studies instead of worrying about how I will pay for school,” she says.

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