Meet the Tutors

Dr. Nancy Compean-Garcia

Director of University Writing Center

Professor Bird wrote and illustrated his first book in the fifth grade.  Sadly, almost 60 years later, he still hasn’t found a publisher. He still has the only written-and-drawn-in-pencil manuscript, in some box somewhere. But as a high school freshman, he did sell his first article to a magazine and in the 11th grade was paid by the Houston Chronicle to cover his high school JV football team. He got his Associate of Arts degree from San Jacinto College (where he was editor of the student newspaper) and a Bachelor of Journalism from UT-Austin (where he was associate news editor, investigative reporter and sports editor of the Daily Texas).  By the time he earned his MA in English from Hardin-Simmons University, he had worked on newspapers in Oklahoma and Texas (the Corpus Christi Caller-Times is the only one you may know). The apex of his journalism career was a decade (1985-96) as the Africa correspondent for the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission board. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Bird wrote and photographed news and feature stories in 26 different African countries. Over those decades he received more than 60 national, regional and state awards in news and feature writing, photography, headline writing, and design from: Religious Public Relations Association, Baptist Press Association, Southwestern Journalism Congress, South Texas Press Association, Gulf Coast Press Association, Corpus Christi Press Club, Texas Sportswriters Association, and Texas Junior College Press Association.

During his second career as a college professor, he has helped produce four books as editor, writer, or photographer (including a NY Times business best seller) and currently is editing two more. His hobbies include reading quizzes for his classes, preaching, thinking up reasons not to grade papers, reading 3-5 books per month and—best of all—hanging out with his beautiful and brave wife, Melissa, and helping her spoil five grandchildren.

Craig Bird

Writing Tutor

Hello, my name is Luisa Maria Angel Salazar. I am from Cali, Colombia. In my country, I completed professional studies in Business Administration and I am currently studying Business and Theology. My passion is missions. I love serving Christ and proclaiming His gospel in places of difficult access. I rejoiced because I share this call with my husband, Amin; our motto is “May our life together be a missionary journey that lasts a lifetime.” I thank God that he has allowed me to be part of the Writing Center team and to put my administrative skills to use. I encourage students to acquire knowledge through reading and writing since it is the only thing that no one can steal. Reading and writing allows us to feel the freedom to express our feelings and thoughts of daily life.

Luisa Angel

Writing Center Administrative Assistant

Hi, my name is Fan Guo and I came from the north of China. I just graduated from my high school last year. I have been interested in math since my childhood, and I always enjoyed discussing math questions with my teachers and classmates in my high school. It made me feel great when I was helping them. Please feel free to ask me college math questions if you need any help. I am also very willing to help you, and I will give patience and respect to you. If we can directly pay close attention to the questions, it will be more efficient to both of us. My wish is that we can develop your solution skills through our efforts and work together.

Fan Guo

Peer Math Tutor

Hello, everyone! My name is Ryan Sosa, and first and foremost, I am a Bible nerd. I essentially live in the Bible and only visit other books from time to time when I find an interesting series that happens to captivate my imagination. If you ever want to find my address in the Bible, it is the book of Romans, chapter eight verse one.

I’m a writer myself, having established a blog where I post sporadically. Nevertheless, I still try to get whatever thoughts may be swimming around in my head to make sense in writing. The English language and the subject itself have been things of mine that I have personalized over the years.

My father grew up in London, England, and taught me a mixture of British and American-English; thus, have a conversation with me for a bit, and there will be words that may come out sounding a bit ‘posh.’ Interestingly, my American and British tongue clash every now and then in my speech pattern.

I am from Corpus Christi, Texas, and I am currently learning Spanish and Portuguese because I believe it will help in my calling to be a pastor. At times, I am insecure about speaking a different language, but I found with the support and grace of other students here at BUA, I’m overcoming this insecurity. I believe that to connect with people in the best way, a person has to go for the heart; often times you will see that at the center of the heart is a person’s mother tongue.

Additionally, I love to meet people. I am a greeter at my church in Selma, Texas. I will always be the first person to greet someone walking through the doors into the lobby and the first person to say goodbye after service has ended.  I am all about putting people first before myself because there’s a little motto I’ve created that helps to continue helping others in any way I am able: “It’s Not About Me, It’s About God.”  This is the reason why I am so humbled and blessed to part of the Writing Center Team at BUA; the writing center’s focus is to help students become stronger writers so a student can communicate their ideas clearly, but, also, to help students learn a language they may not be familiar with. It’s about God working through me to make sure that, just as my voice shakes when I speak Spanish or Portuguese with a native speaker of either language, they find and build their confidence in the English language. After all, inglés es mi lengua materna.

I look forward to meeting all of you wonderful students this semester. I’ll be seeing you!

Ryan Sosa

Peer Writing Tutor