TITLE:                   Full-time Registrar
DEPARTMENT:   Academic Affairs
REPORTS TO:     Dean of Academic Affairs
CREATED:           September 2023
STATUS:              Exempt

BASIC FUNCTION: The Registrar reports directly to the Dean of Academic Affairs. The Registrar works with staff within a dynamic institution, providing proficiency-based education to traditional, hybrid, and online undergraduate and graduate students. This position requires a unique combination of strong leadership, technical, and interpersonal skills. The Registrar must create and maintain collaborative working relationships with institutional leadership, faculty, and staff and support University programs and policies established by federal, state, administrative, and academic entities. The Registrar is a central communication resource for academic and policy information related to student records management. The Registrar is responsible for the maintenance and integrity of the academic record.


1. Oversees all operations in the registration process (record creation, course schedule building, classroom assignment, final exam scheduling, grade processing, transcript issuance, and student enrollment verification).

2. Oversees all operations in the transfer and prior learning credit processes (evaluation of transcripts, posting of credit, processing, and building of transfer credit rules).

3. Maintains communication with students and creates opportunities to have appointments to discuss their class schedules, schedule changes, progress, graduation plan, and other requirements and/or student concerns.

4. Performs clerical tasks, such as printing academic transcripts and diplomas, working on class schedules, filing documents, transferring credits from other institutions, compiling files, ordering regalia and other necessary elements for the student’s graduation ceremony, etc.

5. Participates in student life and activities such as graduations, awarding ceremonies, chapel, and other official school activities that require the presence of the Registrar and other staff members.

6. Participates in school committees, study groups, work groups, training, student receptions, open houses, recruitment activities, staff meetings, and other staff activities.

7. Collaborates with and achieve actionable results through others; build solid and sustainable working relationships and interaction within the University. Establish excellent working relationships with key stakeholders, including the employees at BUA.

8. Works successfully as part of a team and is responsible for developing and maintaining strong working relationships with co-workers in the department.

9. Enforces compliance with the University Catalog requirements as they pertain to the Registrar’s Office.

10. Performs special assignments, such as annual reports, special reports, on-demand reports, projects, and other duties as required.

11. The registrar is also our international students’ DSO (Designated School Official) before SEVIS.


NOTE: These requirements represent minimum levels. Candidates must be able to perform the job’s essential functions satisfactorily.

1. Proven work experience as a Registrar or similar role, relevant training, and/or certifications as a Registrar are preferred.

2. Excellent organizational skills to maintain academic records. Requires proficient ability to exhibit detail-oriented skills necessary to understand and manage a wide range of information.

3. Requires ability to maintain confidentiality.

4. Good interpersonal and communication skills. Requires a strong sense of diplomacy and demonstrated success in developing strong collaborative relationships with students, parents, organizational peers, and outside colleagues.

5. Professional appearance to represent our organization.

6. Good at following procedures and, at the same time, open to change.

7. Requires proficient ability to speak, read, and write in English. Proficient ability to speak, read, and write in Spanish is preferred.

8. Requires proficient ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw conclusions about abstract variables.

9. Requires recognized ability to meet multiple deadlines by maintaining a high level of organization.

10. Ability to minimize risk to the University.

11. Strong computer literacy with database familiarity. Proficient working knowledge and ability to accurately operate and perform computer-related tasks with specific equipment and software applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, is required.

12. Requires professional commitment to Christian principles and teachings to perform tasks and responsibilities in alignment with BUA’s mission and vision.

13. Requires ability to speak clearly and make self-understood in face-to-face interactions; to articulate with extreme accuracy and precision to give directions, speak on the phone, etc.

14. Requires ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, trustees, vendors, students, and families.

15. Requires ability to work under pressure and remain flexible as priorities change. Requires ability to work under minimal supervision with sound judgment

16. Requires sufficiently good health to discharge duties properly. Employees with infectious diseases or skin lesions shall not be permitted to work for the duration of the communicability.


NOTE: These requirements represent minimum levels. Candidates must be able to perform the job’s essential functions satisfactorily.

1. Project/Program Management: Effectively direct and integrate all aspects of a project or program; ensure that work progresses toward achieving goals and objectives.

2. Self-management. Demonstrate self-control and an ability to manage time and priorities. Make sound decisions even under pressure.

3. Planning and Organizing. Establish a course of action for oneself and/or others to accomplish specific goals. Plan proper assignments to allocate available resources appropriately.

4. Leadership. Create and communicate a clear vision/goal, gain alignment with appropriate stakeholders, and foster a supportive climate that will achieve the desired results.

5. Communication. Clearly express ideas, either verbally or in writing, to include but not limited to grammar, organization, and structure. Communicate cross-culturally among various cultures.

6. Willingness to Learn and change. Promptly assimilate and apply new job-related information and skills.

7. Creative & Innovative Thinking. Develop innovative ideas that provide solutions to all types of workplace challenges by adapting traditional or devising new approaches

8. Ethics & Integrity. Consistently earn coworkers’ and students’ trust, respect, and confidence through consistent honesty, forthrightness, and professionalism in all interactions, including meeting commitments and promises.


NOTE: These requirements represent minimum levels to perform the job satisfactorily. Candidates must be able to perform the job’s essential functions satisfactorily.

1. Team Player. Work effectively with others in the organization and outside the formal lines of authority (i.e., peers, students, senior leadership, and the like) to accomplish organizational goals and to identify and resolve problems. Includes considering the impact of your decisions on others.

2. Critical Thinking. Demonstrate the ability to actively and skillfully conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize, and/or evaluate information as a guide to belief and action

3. Bias for Action. Exhibit the propensity to act or decide without customary analysis or sufficient information to achieve critical goals or objectives. Includes responsible risk-taking.

4. Self-Starter. Demonstrate initiative to act to achieve goals beyond what is necessarily called for. Includes the ability to work in a less structured environment.

5. Customer Service Orientation. Make efforts to listen to and understand the customer (both internal and external), anticipate customer needs and give high priority to customer satisfaction.

6. Self-Confidence. Demonstrate initiative, self-confidence, resiliency, and a willingness to take responsibility for personal actions. Have the courage to voice unpopular views

7. Thoroughness. Demonstrate the ability to balance attention to detail with the cost and benefit of doing so.

8. Adaptability. Maintain effectiveness in varying environments, tasks, and responsibilities or with various types of people. Stay agile in the face of change.


NOTE: Baptist University of the Americas follows Christ-centered values administered with professional excellence. Organizational values are critical because they define the Baptist University of the Americas (BUA) personality and provide our employees clarity about how to behave.

1. Core Values. Our Core Values are behavioral traits that are inherent in BUA; they are:

a. Christ-centered (Self-sacrificing, forgiving, and Biblical)
b. Baptist (in identity and foundation)
c. Holistic in our teaching and learning (dedicated to the mission and purpose of BUA in higher education.
d. Integrity (with our responsibility and respect toward others)
e. Cross-Cultural Competency
f. Hospitality (providing customer service, internally and externally)
g. Community
h. Servant Spirit (humble, treat others with respect, put others first, team player); and
i. Passion-driven (dedicated to the mission and purpose of BUA as exhibited by perseverance, reliability, and hard work)

2. Expected Values. BUA also holds all employees accountable for those traits that represent minimum behavioral standards: Honesty, Integrity, Respect for Others, hard work, Fairness, Accountability, and Responsibility.

NOTE: Baptist University of the Americas complies with all the employment provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Baptist University of the Americas job descriptions describe each job’s primary function, major responsibilities/tasks, and essential functions so that employees can better know what is expected of them. The descriptions also provide valuable recruiting, training, and performance appraisal information. This document does not create an employment contract, nor does it modify the at-will employment status of all employees.
A job description is not meant to inhibit employee creativity or innovation. The description will be revised as job responsibilities change materially.

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