Transfer of Credits for Incoming Students

Transfer Students:  Students in good standing at accredited instituitions or who have completed credit courses at the college level may apply for admission.  Credit will be awarded for prior coursework in accordance with the following:

  • General admission requirements are met.
  • Official College Transcripts must be mailed in a sealed envelope or may be emailed directly from the institution in official form.  Faxed copies and unofficial transcripts will be accepted for advising and registration purposes only.
  • The Office of Academic Affairs and the Registrar’s Office will determine the hours and grade points acceptable for transfer credit.  Generally, undergraduate college credits completed at other U.S. accredited colleges or a university in which a passing grade has been earned is accepted for credit.  Developmental and remediation coursework will not be credited toward award requirements.  Transfer credit from foreign institutions is accepted by BUA on the basis of this evaluation.

Transferability of BUA Credits to Other Universities

Baptist University of the Américas has established articulation agreements with other universities for the purposes of educational collaboration and potential transfer of academic credit.  These agreements have provided opportunities for BUA students to continue their undergraduate education and/or enter into graduate programs at other universities.  Admission of BUA students to the universities with which BUA has articulation agreements is contingent to the requirements for admission established by those universities.  Students may refer to the Office of Academic Affairs for a list of colleges and universities with which BUA has articulation agreements.

Baptist University of the Américas makes no representations regarding the transferability of credit to any particular university.  Students seeking to transfer BUA courses elsewhere should consult the receiving institution to determine whether and how credits are accepted.  BUA’s acceptance of incoming transfer credits from a particular school is no indication of whether that other institution will reciprocate and accept BUA transfer credits.

Baptist University of the Américas has articulation agreements/memorandum of understandings with the following institutions:

  • Alamo Colleges District which includes:
    • Northeast Lakeview College
    • Northwest Vista College
    • Palo Alto College
    • St. Philip’s College
    • San Antonio College
  • Dallas Baptist University (Graduate Programs)
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Texas A&M Commerce
  • Wayland Baptist University


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