Anyra Cano

Anyra Cano

Adjunct Professor

Teléfono: 210-924-4338

Anyra Cano is originally from El Paso, TX. She is a graduate from Baptist University of the Américas, where she received a B.A. in Biblical Theological Studies with a minor in Youth Ministry.

During her time at BUA, Anyra served in the student council as President and was recognized with the Student Service Award for her class in 2005.

In her last semester at BUA, she was hired by Buckner International where she worked for 7 ½ years; first as a Missions Coordinator to Guatemala and Peru and later as an International Adoption Case Manger and Director of Ethiopia Adoptions.

In December 2012, she graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a Masters in Global Leadership with a focus in Global Studies.

Since 2009, she has served as Youth Minister at Iglesia Bautista Victoria en Cristo in Fort Worth, TX and serves on the Pastoral leadership team.

She is married to Pastor Carlos Valencia and both of them live in Ft. Worth, TX.

Additionally she is involved in the following organizations:

-2nd year student of the Latina Leadership Institute

-Serves as Advocacy Outreach Specialist with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

-Board Member of the Texas Baptist Woman in Ministry

Her Life Mission Statement is to advocate for the least of these and to empower young people around the world to live out God’s purpose for their lives.

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