Nuestra Misión

“The mission of Baptist University of the Américas, as an institution of higher education, is the formation, from the Hispanic context,
of cross-cultural Christian leaders.”

It is our passion to fulfill our mission. We believe that mission is a job description from God for what he desires BUA to be. The words were chosen through a deliberate and specific process to identify that invitation from God. Here’s how we unpack the thought process behind our mission:

FORMATION means that our goal is the transformation of our students into people who reflect the character of Jesus himself. Our educational curriculum is attentive to the whole person: Spirit, Mind and Body.

FROM THE HISPANIC CONTEXT means that since 1947, BUA has been educating leaders in the bicultural context of the Mexico/Texas borderland. The foundation of our understanding is distinctly Hispanic, but flows from there to crossing all cultural lines with the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

CROSS-CULTURAL means that the educational process involves our students not just learning the information, but forming the ability to interact with and even adopt as their own the cultural characteristics of the communities in which they live and serve. It means ministering as missionaries in whatever context they find themselves.

CHRISTIAN LEADERS means that our goal is to become like Jesus himself and serve the people around us. Leadership is the ability to bring people together to attain a desired goal; and Jesus’ method of leadership was serving. This broadens our potential student population beyond the traditional pastor role and includes any follower of Jesus who desires to truly be a servant-leader in the tradition of Jesus.

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